7 Home Remodeling Trends That Are Becoming Outdated

In the dynamic realm of home design, staying in-the-know of changing trends is important, especially when you’re planning a home remodel. After all, the goal of any remodel is to enhance your home’s style and function, without feeling like another remodel is only a few years down the line. Dive in to discover some of the trends that are making their exit, ensuring your Lehigh Valley home remains at the forefront of design excellence.

What Remodeling Trends Are Out of Style?

1. Stark Minimalism

For some time, the design world has seen a departure from stark minimalism. While this design form exudes a sleek and neat aesthetic, it can also lack the warmth so many of us in Lehigh Valley crave and there's a hunger for more character and coziness. 

Beautifully meld an exquisite blend of texture, color, and finer details with a modern touch. Think of it as a sophisticated response to minimalism rather than a full swing in the opposite direction, where rich colors, lush textures, and bold prints are tastefully layered to bring out the personality of a space. Minimalism isn’t completely thrown aside, but instead balanced with features and finishes that make a space more unique. 


2. Brand New Everything

The trend of employing exclusively new materials for home renovations in Lehigh Valley is waning. Instead, savvy design-build remodeling companies in Lehigh Valley, PA, are advocating for the charm of repurposed architectural pieces and retrofitting heirloom pieces to serve a new purpose. 

A want for warmth and comfort in our spaces–as with the step away from minimalism–was the spark for this trend. Whether it's retrofitting a classic bureau into a bathroom vanity or using reclaimed wood for beams and built-ins to add character to a new room, slightly worn or well-loved furniture and materials add a hefty dose of charm and timelessness. 


3. White on White on White

The days of monochromatic white (or gray) kitchens and bathrooms are behind us. Lehigh Valley renovations now celebrate a blend of colors and natural wood tones, ensuring spaces feel sophisticated, inviting, and personalized. 

Imagine a kitchen with a medium wood tone on the lower cabinets contrasted with bright white upper cabinets, or a bathroom where a splash of vibrant emerald green on the vanity breaks up a sea of white tiles. The intent is not merely to add color but to craft a space that feels fresh rather than feeling sterile.


4. Builder-Grade Light Fixtures

Light fixtures can make or break the aesthetics of a space. General contractors in Lehigh Valley, PA, emphasize the significance of choosing unique light fixtures that both make a statement and feel cohesive during the design phase. It’s essential to consider how designer light fixtures can elevate a space. Opting for a series of stylish pendants, high-end sconces, or a vintage chandelier could transform your remodeled room into something spectacular.


5. Ho-Hum Backsplashes

While subway tiles carry a timeless appeal, Lehigh Valley homeowners are inclined towards more distinctive options. Subway tiles, ubiquitous as they've become, can sometimes feel impersonal. 

A growing trend with remodels in Lehigh Valley, PA is the elegant slab backsplash. It’s easy to clean and undeniably stylish. If tiles remain a favorite, consider vibrant colors or unique patterns to infuse life and personality into the space. The latest trend for using subway tiles in kitchens and baths is in a vertical stack pattern. Be sure to choose a trending yet timeless color to create a statement, like emerald green, glossy black, or a deep sea blue. 


6. Prefab Cabinetry

Standard, factory-made cabinets? That's a thing of the past. Home remodelers in Allentown, Bethlehem, and other areas around Lehigh Valley are witnessing a surge in demand for custom storage solutions. After all, every homeowner uses their kitchen uniquely, so why should your cabinets be any different? Today’s kitchen cabinets come with hidden outlets, deep lower drawers, slide-out shelves, and custom dividers. 

The same goes for the bathroom. Slide-out shelves, heat-resistant compartments and hidden outlets for your styling tools, and niches take advantage of every square inch. Working with a design-build team can lead to a remodel that's not just beautiful but truly functional for the entire family, with a custom-built place for every need. 


7. Single-Use Rooms

Our interests and needs will change over time, so the spaces in our homes should be able to as well. When every room is undeniably designated, it leaves little room for evolving to our needs, hobbies, and interests. Flex rooms allow for multiple uses at once or makes it easier to change the use of the space over time. 

A room with sliding exterior doors can shift from a study to a gym. An upstairs recreation room can serve as a playroom for little ones, then be outfitted to become a gaming room as the children get older. Even a detached in-law suite can serve as ample guest space until an older relative is ready to move in when the time comes. Work with your designer to decide where a flex room should go in your layout based on what it may become down the line. 

Your Lehigh Valley Remodeling Design Experts

In the vibrant and ever-changing landscape of home design, aligning with a designer who has their finger on the pulse of trends is more than a mere luxury–it's essential for crafting the perfect space that resonates with your style. But why stop at design? Collaborating with a design-build team, like Penn Contractors in Lehigh Valley, goes a step further to blend creativity with execution to create a seamless experience whether you're embarking on a remodel or a custom home. From the initial concept straight through to construction, every phase is meticulously managed, ensuring your vision becomes reality with elegance and efficiency. Contact Penn Contractors to schedule a consultation today

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