2023 Kitchen Remodeling Trends

The 2023 kitchen trends are in and point to interiors that are more about comfort, personalized style, and playing with color. From the floors to the ceiling, ask your designer about exploring the 2023 kitchen trends in your kitchen remodel or custom home. What are the biggest kitchen design trends to expect in 2023?

 1. Large Dining Islands

Rather than the primary focus of an island being an extra surface for meal prep with spare space for seating, an extra large island prioritizes dining and entertaining on the island. Everyone knows that guests and family tend to gather in the kitchen, designing with this in mind just makes sense. A larger island with more legroom and seating on two or three sides creates an atmosphere where gathering is purposeful and invited, like in a dining room.

2. The Kitchen as a Multi-Use Space

We’ve seen a rise in designated stations in the kitchen, like a coffee station or a built-in bar with storage and an extra sink, and now we’re seeing even more ‘zones’ in the kitchen. The banquet breakfast nook is making a comeback but so are other areas, like a reading corner to enjoy your morning coffee or a baking station, where everything you need to make homemade bread is right within reach. By creating zones in the kitchen, more than one person can use the space without having to dance around one another and possibly cause spills or injury.

3. Slab Backsplashes

The slab backsplash is yet another trend that’s made a gradual entry into today’s kitchens. Now it’s become a popular request for kitchen remodels and custom homes. It’s a clean and high-end look that makes a statement. Not to mention, it’s easier to keep clean than tile. The trend began with marble, but quartz, granite, and terrazzo are excellent alternatives. The backsplash can extend just up to the upper cabinets but can also be taken up to the ceiling in some places, like around the window above your sink, for a bold look.

4. Double Islands

Double islands have been growing in popularity and becoming more of a common request by homeowners. Like a large dining island, the double island allows for more space. The inner island is typically still used for food preparation while the outer island is used primarily for seating but also for setting out serving dishes for family gatherings or entertaining friends.

5. Butler’s Pantries

Butler’s pantries began their comeback a couple of years ago and more homeowners are realizing just how useful they are, especially with open floor concepts. It’s a great place to hide dishes and service ware while entertaining. A butler’s pantry is where you’d also keep smaller appliances, extra storage, a beverage fridge, and a second sink. Match the finishes with your kitchen or create a coordinating palette.

6. Smart Technology

Smart technology is making its way into every appliance and gadget, from the refrigerator to the coffee maker. Because it’s more available than ever before, it’s also becoming more affordable and with a wider variation in styles. Voice-activated appliances and fixtures as well as wifi-enabled appliances that can be controlled and monitored from your smartphone are convenient and can also be safer than conventional models.

7. Warm Wood Tones

After years of stark all-white and all-gray kitchens, comforting warm tones are back. Natural wood has seen a comeback across the home, and now it’s making its way into the kitchen. Wood or wood-look flooring and wood cabinets are where this trend is being seen more and more. Very light wood was the go-to for a couple of years, but warmer medium tones are a popular choice for cabinets in 2023. Think stains in walnut, provincial, or early American.

8. Warm Paint Colors

Last year's earthy greens and blues were the big leaps away from those all-white and all-gray kitchens. In 2023 the colors of choice are warming up, with colors like saffron and mauve. When used alongside cream or greige, these pops of colors can be reeled in so as not to overwhelm the space. Use bolder colors on the lower cabinets while keeping the upper cabinets reserved for a neutral color. If a smaller dose of trending colors is more your style, paint the inside of your glass-front cabinets.

9. Millwork

Shaker-style cabinets have held the #1 spot for more than 20 years thanks to the transitional design style holding the same rank. As homeowners are embracing more detail and finding comfort in colors and textures, details in millwork are finally a worthy competitor. An example of this trend is beveled cabinets and drawer fronts with a flat panel. Take the two-toned look that’s risen in popularity a step further by painting the frames and panels different tones of the same hue.

10. Statement Ceilings

If you’re looking for a way to add more personality to your kitchen, look up. Statement ceilings are a trend that’s popping up in every room of the home, including the kitchen. A vaulted ceiling with exposed rafters or beams is a great go-to choice for this room. Coordinate the wood stain on the ceiling accents with your flooring. If the beams are a darker tone, go with a lighter tone on the floors.

Lean into 2023 Kitchen Design Trends

Leave behind your stark white kitchen and embrace color and texture. The 2023 design trends are all about comfort and showing your personal tastes. When you’re ready to see how your kitchen could reflect your own design goals while including your favorite 2023 kitchen trends, contact Penn Contractors. Our 25 years of designing and creating custom homes and remodels in Lehigh Valley has made us an expert in communication, collaboration, the latest designs, timeless style, and a beginning-to-end tailored experience. Contact Penn Contractors to schedule a consultation about your kitchen design goals.

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