In-Law Suites

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Should We Build an In-Law Suite?

Whether or not to build an in-law suite for aging parents is becoming a question more families are asking every day. With rising medical costs, and the steep price tags for assisted living facilities, we find ourselves meeting regularly with homeowners who are considering in-law suites as an alternative to assisted living.

While there is no simple formula for ball-parking the cost of an In-Law Suite, you can begin to formulate ranges by asking a few questions:

1) Do I have an existing space in my home that can be converted into a suitable In-Law Suite? For example, some walk-out basements may be readily upgraded to serve as a separate residence with its own entrance. Retrofitting an existing space is less expensive than building a new addition.

2) Is Building An Addition a Feasible Alternative? While additions provide more convenience and privacy, they also tend to cost more. Before you dig too deeply, cross off any major roadblocks to your home addition / in-law suite. Major roadblocks are likely to include: budget, zoning laws and set-back requirements, construction time, age of your home, existing site conditions, current home value, and your long-term plans.

With any major remodeling project, it is essential to do your homework and devote sufficient resources to design and planning. The Penn Team has built many successful In-Law Suites, including hybrid projects that combine new home additions with re-allocated existing interior spaces.

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