How Long Does It Take to Remodel a Whole Home in PA?

Remodels are wrought with nightmare stories that make people believe the process must be difficult, full of mishaps and delays, and a loss of control. It’s understandable to feel apprehensive about a whole home remodel, but what if your process can go as expected, be on time, and within your budget?

By working with a design-build team to accomplish your ideal remodel, your project will go smoothly with your dream home remodel as the end result. One of the first steps after you’ve decided to undergo a remodel is to learn more about the process to feel prepared and confident. Read on to learn every part of the process and how long to expect your Lehigh Valley whole home remodel to take.

Discovery & Research (2 Months)

This stage of your remodel is driven by your own pace, but expect it to take up to two months. Once you’ve decided to remodel your home, you’ll begin researching Lehigh Valley design-build firms that suit your project. Put some time into gathering images and making online design boards to have plenty of examples of your design goals to present to prospective teams during your consultations. Read reviews, view their online portfolio, and schedule interviews with design-build firms. 

Be sure to narrow down your list to firms that suit your design taste and have experience in a large project such as a whole home remodel. Interview several firms to ensure you’re choosing the best option. During your interview, pay attention to how they communicate, describe their process, and handle issues that may come up. 

In-Home Consultation & Design (1 to 3 Months) 

After you’ve decided on a Lehigh Valley design-build firm, they will conduct an in-home consultation to understand your home’s challenges, learn more about your design goals, take measurements, and discuss design solutions. If you are creating an addition, land surveys will need to be conducted to investigate the condition of your soil in preparation for new construction. 

Your design meeting will begin the development of your plans. Be sure to arrive with your ideas and examples of work for your design. The more information you provide, the more accurately your design can create plans that match your vision and require less back and forth for revisions. Your designer will help guide the process of selecting every finish and feature to complete your home’s design style. 

Expect your design phase to take longer with larger remodels or complex designs. Working with a design-build firm will also lessen your design iterations by having a builder to accurately inform industry pricing to keep your project firmly within your budget. 

Typically, design will be followed by a bidding phase if you work with an architect. By working with a design-build firm, your designer and builder are already working together from the beginning. Using the design-build model saves you time and cost. 

Pre-Construction (2 to 3 Months)

After you sign off on the design plans, your team can move forward with applying for building permits and, if applicable, HOA approval. During this time, your materials will be ordered and construction crew and subcontractor schedules will be created. Many design-build firms use construction management software. At this time, you will be given access to your client portal to facilitate easy communication, view schedules, get daily job site updates, and make payments. 

Construction (4 to 15 Months)

This is an incredibly large range. Your timeline here will be specific to your home’s size, the complexity of your design, specialty trade work, how many rooms will be remodeled, and the age of your home. A smaller home will be on the lower end of the range; whereas a large home, say 4,000 square feet, could take the full 15 months. 

Every finish, from flooring and countertops to cabinets and trim, will be removed, fabricated, and replaced. You will be able to schedule site visits with your project manager at certain points during the process to view progress. However, your construction management software should keep you updated with pictures of the progress as well. 

The construction phase will end with a final walk-through with your project manager to inspect every detail. If there is anything that needs to be assessed, it will be added to a punch list and resolved immediately, so you can move back into your home shortly thereafter. 

What Can Delay Your Project?

Delays and issues are possible in any project, no matter how well-planned. If your home is older, there may be repairs below the surface that need to be addressed. Water damage, a cracked foundation, regular wear and tear, old wiring or plumbing, an energy-draining envelope can all add time to your home remodel. However, a seasoned design-build team will add some cushion to your timeline for these unforeseen complications. 

Weather conditions can also affect your timeline, particularly if any part of your remodel will be on the exterior of your home. An addition, removing windows or creating new window or door openings, or replacing your roof will require optimal weather conditions. 

Permits and HOA delays can occur, especially if your design doesn’t adhere to ordinances and building codes. This is one of many reasons why hiring an experienced design-build firm is important. 

These kinds of issues can be mitigated successfully to get your whole home remodel back on track with a design-build firm that’s experienced and solution-oriented. 

Choose an Honest and Experienced Remodeler for Your Lehigh Valley Home

Choosing a design-build team for your remodel will save time, money, and keep stress and frustration at bay. Penn Contractors is an experienced design-build team that excels in impeccable high-end designs and expert craft. With decades of experience exceeding clients’ expectations, Penn Contractors is standing by to learn about your remodeling goals. Contact Penn Contractors to schedule a consultation. 

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