5 Best Cities in Pennsylvania To Move to in 2023

Lehigh Valley is one of the best areas to live in Pennsylvania. But with so many cities and towns within its borders, which area is perfect for you? Whether you enjoy a lively night scene, quiet parks, excellent schools, or diverse dining options, every city or town on this list has something for everyone!

What Are the Best Places to Live in Pennsylvania? 

1. Bethlehem

Bethlehem has a rich history with several centuries-old buildings but a refreshingly modern vibe. Bethlehem’s history is so important it’s on its way to becoming one of only 25 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the U.S. Even though the city dates back to colonial times, today’s lively scene is found across the city. 

Live music, entertainment, excellent dining, boutiques, and galleries are plenty! For musical and theatrical performances, visit the Touchstone Theater and Lehigh University’s Zollner Arts Center. Bethlehem is also host to the annual free Musikfest, which attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors over the 10-day stretch. Looking for the best shopping in the area? Downtown Bethlehem offers a special historic charm and the antique stores to prove it. The district also boasts current trends in all things clothing, shoes, interior designs, and artwork. 

If you prefer a life outdoors, Bethlehem is bursting with natural beauty. There are over 500 acres of parks that include an aquatic playground, hiking, biking, fishing, and more. If your idea of spending time outdoors is more on the relaxing side, visit one of the many wineries around the area. 

Living in Bethlehem really is all that it’s cracked up to be. With career opportunities, excellent schools, and affordable housing, this area attracts younger professionals and families alike. Bethlehem is also only 90 minutes from New York City and an hour from Philadelphia. Whether you’re escaping the big city life or are moving from a rural area to have those smaller city amenities within reach, moving to Bethlehem is the perfect middle ground. 


2. Allentown

Allentown is perfect for those that yearn to work, live, and play without having to go very far at all. Another Pennsylvania historic city, Allentown has 13 places on the National Register of Historic Places. But don’t let the rich history fool you–Allentown is also home to plenty of modern day amenities as well. Breweries, festivals, art, dining, shopping, and nightlife will give you the richness of a larger city with the friendliness of an older historic town. 

The best part may be the affordability. The cost of living in Allentown is less than the national average, which makes it great for both families and retirees. It’s actually one of the top places in the nation to retire for its safety and affordability. There is also lots of greenspace to enjoy for biking, hiking, picnicking, and other activities, such as the Lehigh Parkway and Trexler Nature Preserve. Families enjoy the historic Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom, with over 60 rides and one of the nation's largest water parks.

Some of the most popular neighborhoods in Allentown include West End Theater District, Old Allentown, West Park Historic District, Hamilton Park, and East Allentown. Each offers a different lifestyle with different amenities. Depending on the neighborhood, you’ll find gorgeous historic homes, newly-built homes, easy access to recreational areas, dozens of shopping and dining spots, farmer’s markets, performing arts venues, art galleries–the list goes on! To find the best neighborhood for you and your family, partner with a local real estate agent for guidance.


3. Easton

Easton is the easternmost city in Lehigh Valley, with four distinct districts that each have their own personality. As with other cities on this list, Easton is steeped in history but has much to offer its modern residents. It’s a biking-friendly city with lots of shopping and dining and is well-known for its offering of international cuisine. Interested in performing arts and live music? Look no further than the State Theater for a night of entertainment. 

Easton also offers its residents and visitors a variety of parks that range from small neighborhood pocket parks to larger parks that span dozens of acres. Bike along the Delaware River and stop into different parks that may offer amphitheaters for live shows, playgrounds, and plenty of greenspace to sit along the river and relax the day away. 

As one of the best places to live in Pennsylvania, Easton offers families a great public education system, friendly neighborhoods, and plenty to do without feeling overwhelmed by a bigger city. Some of the best neighborhoods in Easton are West Ward, Southside Easton, and College Hill. 


4. Wescosville 

Wescosville is one of the best places to live in Pennsylvania, especially for families. The public education system, recreational opportunities, large public library, variety of eateries, cleanliness, and safety are all top notch. You’ll also enjoy a little more breathing room than some of the other cities on this list, with larger lots and sprawling neighborhoods. What’s great about Wescosville, however, is that you’re only a few minutes away from larger surrounding cities to enjoy even more dining and entertainment for every member of the family. 

Wescosville is a newer suburb than its neighboring cities, with its older homes dating back about 60 years. This is great for families who want to buy and remodel in the area, but avoid the restrictions of a historic district. 


5. Coopersburg

Coopersburg is a quiet town with a friendly community. Coopersburg has a rich history that dates back to the 18th century. Originally settled by German immigrants, the area was primarily agricultural but evolved over time into a residential community while still retaining its historic charm. Driving down the winding back roads of Coopersburg, you’ll find lots of parks to mingle with other residents or enjoy recreational activities. 

Parades, markets, and other community events make this a gem of a town for families and older residents who enjoy the quiet life while finding comfort in a tight-knit community. However, Coopersburg is also within only two hours of Philadelphia, New York City, and the New Jersey coast for a lively weekend trip. 

Both the public and private schools in Coopersburg are highly-rated. Along with quaint eateries and lots of parks, it’s a picturesque place to raise a family. 


Find Your Perfect Place & Design Your Perfect Home

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