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Sometimes, a fresh start is the best way to get the space, features, and style you want and need for your family home. Building a custom home from the ground up is an exciting process that can feel overwhelming at times—but does it really have to? Designing and building a custom home can be complex, but with the right design-build team, it can also be a fulfilling and harmonious experience. Your design-build team can take your entire custom home building experience from conceptual design to construction, without skipping a beat, delays, or going over budget. 

The Penn Contractors team has decades of experience building and remodeling homes in the Lehigh Valley. Penn's Team combines years of extensive architectural and design knowledge with master craftsmanship. Our Award-Winning designs and outstanding testimonials are evidence of the quality you'll receive. However, our true points of pride are the trust we build with our clients and the exceptionality of their experience. 

Penn Contractors is always standing by to answer your questions. We're here to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about custom home building to start you off on the right foot as you prepare to move forward with your custom home dreams. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Home Building in the Lehigh Valley

How much does a custom home cost in Lehigh Valley?

Custom homes come in all shapes and sizes, with varying grades of finishes and custom features. On average, building a custom home in Pennsylvania can cost $200-$550 per square foot. This is a pretty large range, so it's best to contact us directly to discuss your custom home design goals so we can give you a closer estimate. We understand that planning your budget is one of the most important aspects of building a custom home, so we work diligently to help you understand exactly how your design and structural choices can affect your ideal budget

How long does it take to build a custom home in Lehigh Valley?

The construction phase of the process could take as little as 12 months for an average size home to be completed. Once a home exceeds 4,000 square feet in size, it’s considered a ‘large’ home. At this size, a home could take 18-24 months to complete construction. This doesn't include the design and pre-construction phases, which could take up to 1 year. This time is used to choose the best design-build team for your project, survey your land, obtain permits and your loan, properly plan your design, select the perfect materials for your custom home, order your materials, and set your construction schedule. At Penn Contractors, we don't rush the custom home building timeline because we value efficiency and thoroughness, delivering a custom home that's an absolute dream. 

How can I control my budget when designing and building a custom home?

First, the best way to control your custom home budget is to work with a design-build team. We may be partial to the design-build delivery method, but for good reason. It's proven to save homeowners costs, time, and frustration. The benefits of design-build are plentiful, including better and more efficient communication, value-engineering to deliver a design you love without overspending on materials, and eliminating unnecessary delays due to miscommunication, conflict between your professionals, and infeasible designs. 

Another way to control your budget is to not rush the design phase. This is the phase where all of the important decisions are made, and rushing the process will result in mistakes, choosing the wrong finishes, and inefficient communication. Our careful and thorough design process will address every single aspect of the custom home planning process, leaving no room for error or missed details. 


Want to know more about designing and building a custom home with Penn Contractors in Lehigh Valley? Give us a call at 610.965.4204 or send us a New Project Request. We'll help you determine if our team is a good match for your custom home design and build.

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