What Does It Cost to Remodel a Kitchen in Lehigh Valley, PA?

You don’t want to listen to your kitchen scream about 1992 anymore. You’re done looking at the dated kitchen tilework and horrendous countertops. It’s time for a classic and fresh backdrop for your culinary adventures, and you don’t have to move to get it! 

Penn Contractors has more than 30 years of experience creating beautiful remodels in Lehigh Valley. Our extensive portfolio, including some spectacular kitchen remodels, speaks volumes on its own, but our happy clients also agree. Our custom homes and remodels create ultra-personalized and stunning homes that our clients proudly show off and enjoy for many years. In-house design expertise, professionalism, communication, and artisanship make us Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton favorites for all their residential construction and renovation dreams.

Cost of a Kitchen Remodel in Lehigh Valley, PA

There’s no easy way to ballpark the cost of a kitchen remodel. We can tell you what an average project costs, but every project is so unique this may not be as helpful as you hope. In our Lehigh Valley service area, a typical midrange kitchen remodel costs an average of $81,873, and a large high-end remodel with luxury finishes averages $158,232, according to Remodeling Magazine’s annual Cost Vs. Value Report from 2022.

For a relatively simple project in a modern home (built within the last 40 years), where we are replacing appliances in their existing locations and upgrading finishes, the cost of our kitchen remodeling projects falls in line with regional data. Clients typically spend between $70K and $90K on a pull-and-replace kitchen remodel. We’ll talk more about the elements that can push this price point upward later.

If you’re interested in understanding the approximate cost of remodeling your kitchen, consulting a contractor in your area is your best bet. There are too many variables to assess the price of a renovation project without viewing the space in question and talking about your proposed plan in-depth. Be skeptical of anyone who can tell you what an extensive project will cost sight unseen.

Factors that Influence the Cost of Your Kitchen Remodel

The Age of Your Home

Older homes can present unique design challenges and increase the cost and expertise needed to execute a modern remodel. Houses that were built more than 40 years ago often feature appliances or other elements with unusual dimensions that are difficult to match with modern offerings. We also encounter materials and building methods in older homes that require current updates, which adds to the cost and timeline of your kitchen remodel.

Changing the Layout

Many homeowners want to address poor design and flow when they remodel their kitchens. Moving the location of critical features like your range and sink requires moving utility hookups at a bare minimum. It often involves constructing new elements like an island or bank of cabinets to get the look just right. The added labor and materials this requires, influence the cost of the project.

The Size of Your Project

Bigger kitchens are more expensive to remodel, which is why rough project costs are often presented per square foot. Large kitchens require more materials and labor to finish and often include a wider variety of elements that take time to install, such as a beverage fridge or a second kitchen island. If you plan to expand your space with a kitchen bump out for a breakfast nook or extra workspace, this will also change your budget for your Allentown kitchen remodel. Learn more about the costs related to additions in our recent blog. (How Much Does It Cost to Add to Your Lehigh Valley Home? [2023] LINK). The living space afforded by a larger kitchen can be truly life-changing.

Most Expensive Elements of a Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen cabinets are often the single most expensive item in your remodeling budget. Cabinets line the walls in most of a kitchen’s vertical space. Custom cabinets can be more than twice as expensive as stock offerings but return beautiful and personalized results. One of the main reasons clients remodel their kitchens is that the storage is inadequate for their needs. Building cabinets to store everything you need exactly as you like is a life-changing upgrade to your culinary experience.

Penn Contractors Creates Dream Kitchens in Lehigh Valley, PA

Our beautiful home remodels in Lehigh Valley offer a new lease on our clients’ much-loved homes. We’re honored to be invited into their most personal spaces and trusted to transform them into an even more perfect habitat for daily living. We would love to connect with you about your proposed remodeling project. Reach out to Penn Contractors when you’re ready to talk to the professionals who can make your dreams come true. We cannot wait to meet you.

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