9 Kitchen Cabinet Storage Trends for 2023

There seems to never be enough storage in the kitchen. Sometimes, it’s an issue with having the right type of storage. While you’re planning your kitchen remodel or custom home in Lehigh Valley, consider your storage struggles and what tools seem to never have a proper home in your kitchen. Then, work with your design-build team to discover clever storage solutions you may not even know about!

Top 2023 Kitchen Cabinet Storage Trends

Custom storage is the trending approach to kitchen cabinet design, with no sign of slowing or becoming dated. As kitchen storage trends evolve, homeowners are discovering the best storage solutions that work for their specific needs. Many of the kitchen cabinet storage ideas here are also perfect for aging in place, making everything accessible. How can you improve your kitchen cabinet storage? Let’s explore! 

1. Pull-Out Shelving

Pull-out shelving is an excellent solution for lower cabinets and kitchen island storage. It alleviates the need to crouch down, trying to find that one pan in the back of the cabinet. It’s as easy as pulling out a drawer, but continues the uniformity of cabinets throughout your kitchen. Organization is also more efficient when you can easily reach what’s stored in the back of your cabinet. Rather than stacking storage containers and pans in haphazard piles, you can utilize dividers to neatly organize your kitchenware.   

2. Deep Lower Drawers

Like pull-out shelves, replacing lower cabinets with drawers helps you avoid having to strenuously reach into the back of lower cabinets. Deeper lower drawers are perfect for pots and pans, serving ware, and your kitchen gadgets. Lower drawers can be up to 20 inches deep, leaving plenty of room for larger kitchen items. 

3. Custom Drawer Dividers 

In a well-organized kitchen, pegboard drawer organizers and custom dividers will keep every item in its place. Tailored to fit your dishes, bowls, and plates perfectly, these dividers ensure everything stays securely in place and remains unscathed. Gone are the days of rummaging through a jumbled drawer to find your favorite serving spoon or clanging dishes as you open and close the drawers. 

4. Pull-Down Shelving 

Imagine having an unobstructed view of all your upper kitchen cabinet items, including those tucked at the very back. Instead of wrestling with towering stacks of dishes or jars and jars of spices, effortlessly pull down your shelf to eye level. This innovative solution offers a clear panorama of your items, simplifying retrieval and reducing the possibility of accidents and broken dishes. 

5. A New Spin on Island Storage 

Open shelving is finding a stylish and functional home within kitchen islands. Custom shelves designed within your island offer an innovative solution for storing ingredients—or even your treasured cookbook collection—while keeping them within arm's reach. This twist on island storage strikes the perfect balance between accessibility and aesthetic, adding an inviting openness to your kitchen's central hub.

6. Electronics Drawer with Hidden Outlets 

Bid farewell to cluttered countertops strewn with charging cables. Introducing an electronics drawer with hidden outlets is a game-changing addition to your kitchen. Devices stay concealed, organized, and charged, waiting at the ready without disrupting your food preparation or clean countertops. It’s a modern solution for our connected lifestyle, blended seamlessly into your kitchen’s design.

7. Pull-out Pantry 

Stealthy and supremely efficient, pull-out pantries act as a full pantry that slides into view only when needed. This feature lets you access items from both sides, transforming the hunt for ingredients into a simple task. Just as with pull-out shelves in your lower cabinets, you’ll be able to see what’s stored in the back of your pantry, avoiding expired food and unknowingly buying groceries you already have. 

8. Compact Bar Area 

For wine enthusiasts and cocktail aficionados, a dedicated bar area is a must. Consider installing slide-in trays within your cabinets to organize and your favorite vintages. Accompanied by custom drawer dividers, this space becomes a personal bar that makes entertaining easy, with every bottle and bar tool in one central location.

9. Built-in Knife Block 

Safety and organization unite with a built-in knife block in a shallow drawer. This solution ensures your knives stay sharp so you can recreate your favorite restaurant dishes. It will also keep your knives secure and always within reach, but safely out of the way when you’re searching for a cooking utensil. It's a thoughtful feature that elevates your kitchen's functionality while prioritizing the safety of you and your family.


Bonus Kitchen Storage Ideas for Your Lehigh Valley Kitchen Remodel

Storage Benches 

Incorporating storage benches into your Lehigh Valley kitchen breakfast nook is the perfect place for linens, disposable tableware, and serving ware. It’s a charming solution that invites relaxation into your kitchen while secretly working hard to increase your kitchen’s storage capacity. 

Ultimate Walk-In Pantry 

Look beyond your kitchen cabinets and imagine a large closet space dedicated to organization. Include shelves, storage baskets on tracks, countertop space for small appliances, and custom beverage storage. 

Mudroom Addition 

Integrating a mudroom into your kitchen remodel or adjacent to your kitchen in your custom Lehigh Valley home can be a game-changer. This practical space, positioned ideally at a secondary entrance, becomes the perfect drop-zone for coats, boots, and backpacks. With custom cabinetry, hooks, and seating, a mudroom addition helps to contain the daily clutter, keeping your beautiful new kitchen pristine and inviting. 


Custom Storage for Your Custom Kitchen Design

In the heart of every home lies the kitchen, and its design should mirror both style and function. This is where Penn Contractors excels. As a leading design-build firm in Lehigh Valley, we specialize in crafting exquisite kitchen remodels and custom homes with innovative storage solutions that are tailored to your exact needs. 

We don’t just follow trends; we pioneer solutions that cater to our clients' unique lifestyles. With Penn Contractors, you are entrusting your home to a team with exceptional experience, craftsmanship, and a steadfast commitment to your satisfaction. When you’re ready to elevate your space, Penn Contractors is the team to turn your dream home into reality. Contact us to schedule a consultation today


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