Basement Remodeling
in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania

Luxury basement remodel with pool table and couch in the lehigh valley, pa by Penn Contractors

Make the Most of Your Lehigh Valley, PA Basement with a Remodel

Many homeowners see the basement as bonus space to do something fun and adventurous with, making basement remodels some of the most fun! Basement remodels can also bring a lot of relief to a family that's feeling a little short on space. Create a guest suite or in-law suite for added privacy and independence, a home office, a billiards room with a wet bar, or even a wine tasting room! 

Your basement can give you the added space you need, entertainment for a fun night in with friends and family, or a quiet retreat when the main home is a little too distracting. Remodeling your basement can also be more budget-friendly than adding square footage onto your main floor, making it a very smart investment. 

At Penn Contractors, we help our clients take advantage of every square foot available in their home to live more comfortably and truly enjoy their homes again. We also provide a remodeling experience that's seamless, stress-free, and even fun! 

Here are a few questions that homeowners like you have about remodeling their basements: 

How much does it cost to finish a basement in the Lehigh Valley?

A good starting budget for a basement remodel in Lehigh Valley would be $125-$200 per square foot. If your dream basement remodel includes luxury finishes or is a more complex project, plan for this price per square foot to be higher. However, you can contact us to get a clearer understanding of what your unique vision for your basement remodel may cost. 

Is it worth it to renovate a basement?

The answer will depend on your unique circumstances. Are you planning to stay in your home for the foreseeable future? Are you adding a family member to your household soon? Does your family lack the space to have guests or enough space to have quality family nights in? A basement remodel is definitely worth the investment for the increase in the quality of life you'll get in return. If you plan to sell your home in a few years, buyers love the idea of a bonus space, bringing in an ROI of up to 80%! A local realtor could give you more information about the market value of basements as well as the best designs to make your home very tempting to a potential buyer. 

What costs the most when finishing a basement?

Basements tend to hold a lot of square footage, making a basement remodel a larger investment in the end. However, you're not required to finish the entire basement, decreasing your final cost. Although, finishing your entire basement could be incredibly valuable with the added space it provides. Keep in mind that if a bathroom addition is part of your vision, this could be a larger factor in your final cost. 

One of the higher cost items when refinishing a basement is creating points of egress or the point of entry/exit; particularly an exterior exit directly from the basement. By adding an external exit, you can even create a rental unit for passive income, recovering your remodel costs over time. 

Add Square Footage to Your Home with Space You Already Have! 

Your basement holds a lot of potential for added space, entertainment space, or even passive income. Penn Contractors is here, ready to answer any additional questions and collaborate on ideas for your Lehigh Valley basement remodel. Contact us to schedule a consultation today! 


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