Is Penn a Good Fit for My Project?


When planning a remodeling project, homeowners seem bound by the familiar impulse to acquire three estimates. It's a home remodeling mantra. Maybe you've heard a family member talk about securing three estimates before choosing "the middle one". Or maybe you've fallen victim to this bit of false wisdom yourself. The idea that three estimates will give you a useful picture of your remodeling needs seems so appealing. But is it really that simple?

"No, estimates can do more harm than good!" advises Bruce Snyder, owner of Penn Contractors. "There is no standard industry definition of an estimate. They mean different things to different people. Estimate is a catch-all term masquerading as a consistent metric that is anything but reliable. At best they create a false sense of confidence. At worst estimates can result in costly misunderstandings or nightmare remodeling scenarios.

Instead of focusing on three estimates, begin your discovery by deep-drilling the skills, resources and professionalism of reputable remodeling companies. Ask yourself: "Is this organization a good fit for my project?"

Is Penn Contractors A Good Fit for My Project?

Determining if we're a good fit for your project is actually pretty easy. We evaluate your compatibility in relation to four essential criteria: project complexity, level of finish, and project management.

1) Is Your Project Complex?

The complexity and size of your project is probably the first indicator that Penn might be a good fit for your project. We specialize in large, multi-room remodels that will benefit from our in-house design team. Home additions, whole-house remodels, master bed and bathroom suites, full kitchen remodels, in-law suites, and covered outdoor living spaces are all possible matches for our design/build team.

  • Does your project involve dramatic changes to a single room?
  • Do you need to remodel 2 or more rooms at the same time?
  • Are complex structural changes necessary to accomplish your project?

If you're answering yes to any of these questions, then the Penn Team might be a good fit.


2) Is High-Level Finish or Customization Needed?

Consider the level of finish, detail, or customization your project requires. 

  • Do you want to preserve the architectural integrity of your home?
  • Will high-end finishes or carefully-matched details be important to your project?
  • Do you need custom mill-work, masonry or artisan tile work?
  • Are you changing interior footprints?

If high-level finish and customization is essential to your project, then we might be a good fit.


3) Is Project Management and Oversight Important?

Smaller or less complex projects may not need much oversight. Some homeowners enjoy acting as their own project managers and don't mind fulfilling labor-intensive leadership roles. Think carefully about whether or not project management services matter to you.

  • Do you value dedicated in-house design services?
  • Is a readily-accessible project manager useful to you?
  • Are low-dust construction zones important?
  • Will we be working in active living spaces or close proximity to you?
  • Are clearly-stated project goals and milestones relevant to your project?

If having a dedicated project manager and meticulous project oversight is important to you, then Penn Contractors might be a good fit for your project.

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